How do I replace the maintenance box?

  • If the maintenance box is full, a message appears on your product's LCD screen. Follow the steps on the LCD screen to replace the maintenance box. Make sure you have a new maintenance box before you begin.

    Note: If necessary, select the icon on the LCD, then select How To > Replace Maintenance Box and press the OK button to view the instructions.

    Note: In some print cycles a small amount of surplus ink may be collected in the maintenance box. To prevent ink leakage from the maintenance box, the product is designed to stop printing when the absorbing capacity of the maintenance box has reached its limit. Whether and how often this is required will vary according to the number of pages you print, the type of material you print on and the number of cleaning cycles that the printer performs.

    Note the following precautions when replacing the maintenance box:

    • Do not remove the maintenance box or its cover except when replacing the maintenance box; otherwise, ink may leak.
    • Do not touch the green chip on the side of the maintenance box.
    • Do not tilt the maintenance box after removing it or ink may leak.
    • Do not touch the openings in the maintenance box or you may get ink on you.
    • Do not drop the maintenance box or subject it to strong shocks.
    • If you cannot replace the cover, the maintenance box may not be installed correctly. Remove and reinstall the maintenance box.
    • Do not store the maintenance box in high or freezing temperatures.
    • Do not replace the maintenance box during printing; otherwise, ink may leak.
    • Keep the maintenance box out of direct sunlight.
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