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Why is only part of the computer image displayed?

  • If the computer's output resolution setting is higher than 1024 x 768, the projector resizes the image. If you keep pressing the resize button, the projector pans around the screen and then goes back to full image. If the computer output is not compatible with this resizing, choose a different display setting on the computer. In Windows 3.x, use Windows Setup in the Main program group. in windows 95/98, go to control panel and then choos display. For a Macintosh, choose Control Panels under the Apple menu and then choose Monitors. In the Monitors screen, choose Options and make sure Macintosh Hi-Res Display or another 1024 x 768 display is selected. For supported display settings, see your User's Guide. Also, you may need to modify existing presentation files if you created them for a different resolution. See your software manual for specific information.
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