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Why did my projection lamp fail after only 500 hours of operation when it should last about 1500 hours?

  • Some of the initial release of PowerLite 7700p projectors may experience difficulties with an apparent lamp failure after the first 500 hours of operation. It appears to be cleared when the projector is powered down normally and the A/C power is disconnected from the projector and reconnected. The projector will seem to operate normally for approximately 10 more hours at which time the projector may cease to function. Standard recovery procedures will not restore projector function after this last failure. Many projectors have already received the firmware update. These projectors, which were produced in the year 2000, can be identified by the red dot on the serial number label for both projector and carton box. The serial numbers for projectors produced in year 2000 will have the number '0' as the 5th digit from the left (e.g., CXN0008821A). All projectors produced from the beginning of 2001 also have the updated firmware. These projectors can be identified by the number '1' as the 5th digit from the left in the serial number (e.g., CXN0110837A). If you have a projector requiring the firmware update, please contact Epson Support for assistance. Epson Resellers should use the Epson Reseller Support Line and Epson Customers should use the support number listed on their Private Line cards.
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