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Can I use Epson iProjection if my projector is set up in Quick connection mode?

  • Yes. To connect your mobile device to the projector, open your mobile device's Wi-Fi settings and search for nearby wireless networks. Select your projector's SSID from the list.

    Note: If you don't know your projector's SSID, you can find it in the projector's LAN standby screen.

    Note: The SSID may be easier to see in the list if you assign a name to the projector. To change the projector's name, press the Menu button on the projector's remote control and select Network > Network Configuration > Basic > Projector Name. The name you enter will be included in the projector's SSID.

    After your mobile device is connected to the projector, start Epson iProjection and select your projector.

    Note: Your mobile device will not have Internet access while connected to the projector in Quick connection mode.

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