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What is the difference between the Epson iProjection versions?

  • The Epson iProjection app for Chromebook is compatible with laptops running Chrome OS (e.g. Chromebooks). The app supports mirroring a Chromebook's display on the projector's screen.

    The Epson iProjection apps for Android and iOS are compatible with Android and iOS devices, respectively. The apps support moderator functions, projecting certain file types, and mirroring your device's display on the projector's screen (Android only).

    The Epson iProjection (Windows/Mac) software is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. It supports moderator functions and mirroring your computer's display on the projector's screen. The software also allows you to hold interactive meetings or lessons by projecting images from multiple network projectors.

    Note: The Epson iProjection (Windows/Mac) software was formerly named EasyMP Multi PC Projection.

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