Which ink cartridge sizes are available for my product?

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    Ink Cartridge and Maintenance Box Part Numbers

    Use these part numbers when you order or purchase a new ink cartridge or maintenance box.

    Note: For best printing results, use up a cartridge within one year of opening the package. Epson recommends removing and shaking the ink cartridges once every six months.

    Maintenance box part number: T699700

    Ink color 150 ml 350 ml 700 ml
    Photo Black T44W120 T44P120 T44H120
    Cyan T44W220 T44P220 T44H220
    Vivid Magenta T44W320 T44P320 T44H320
    Yellow T44W420 T44P420 T44H420
    Light Cyan T44W520 T44P520 T44H520
    Vivid Light Magenta T44W620 T44P620 T44H620
    Gray T44W720 T44P720 T44H720
    Matte Black T44W820 T44P820 T44H820
    Light Gray T44W920 T44P920 T44H920
    Orange T44WA20 T44PA20 T44HA20
    Green T44WB20 T44PB20 T44HB20
    Violet T44WD20 T44PD20 T44HD20
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