The colors on my printouts do not match the colors on my computer monitor. What should I do?

  • Try the following recommended color correction methods:

    • Use ICC profiles during the color management process.

      Note: You may need to disable the color controls in the Epson driver if you use this method.

    • Ensure that you using the correct output profile for your loaded media.

      Note: You may need to create a custom ICC profile for the best results.

    • Ensure that your monitor is calibrated, and is displaying accurate color.
    • Compare the print result with the image on your computer screen in a well lit environment. Since monitors and printers produce colors differently, printed colors and screen colors do not always look the same.

    If the recommendations above do not help, contact Epson support.

    The color management process is complex. We can assist you with the proper assignment of settings; however, we cannot assist you with creating a custom color profile.

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