Can one person move this printer?

  • No. The printer requires at least two people to lift and move it. Make sure to lift the printer using the indented areas as shown.

    During transportation and storage, follow these guidelines:Avoid tilting the product, placing it vertically, or turning it upside down; otherwise ink may leak.Leave the ink cartridges installed. Removing the cartridges can dry out the print head and may prevent the product from printing, or ink may leak.Remove any paper from the product. Leaving paper in the printer for an extended period of time may cause the roller to leave an impression on the paper, and can also cause wavy or curled paper that may scratch the print head.Make sure the print head is capped (the print head is positioned at the far left) before storing the printer. If the print head is left uncapped for a long period of time, the print quality may decline. If the print head is not capped, turn the printer on, and then turn it off again.Close all covers before storing the printer. If the printer will not be used for an extended period of time, cover it with an anti-static cloth.

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