How do I cut off my prints?

  • Follow these steps to manually cut off your prints:
    1. Make sure READY appears on the LCD display.
    2. Press or to adjust the cutting position of the media, if necessary. (When you are using the Auto Take-Up Reel, you cannot feed the media backward.)
    3. Open the front cover.
    4. If you are not using the Auto Take-Up Reel, hold your print and pull slightly to remove any slack.
    5. Using a razor blade or other cutting tool, cut off your print by guiding the tool along the cutting groove in the post heater as shown.

      Warning: Do not place your fingers in the path of the cutting tool to avoid injuring yourself.
    6. If you are using the Auto Take-Up Reel, the scroller rotates to take up your printed media. To stop media take-up, set the switch on the top of the reel controller to OFF.
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