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How do you replace the projection lamp?

  • Follow these steps to replace the projection lamp: 1. Turn off the projector power, wait for the cool-down period to end, and then disconnect the power cord. The cool-down period lasts for about 25 seconds. The actual time will vary depending on the external air temperature. 2. Wait until the lamp has cooled down, and then remove the lamp cover from the base of the projector. It takes approximately one hour for the lamp to cool down by itself after the cool-down period has finished. Put your finger into the recess, and then pull straight out to remove the lamp cover. 3. Loosen the two lamp fixing screws. Use the screwdriver that is supplied with the spare lamp or a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the two lamp fixing screws that secure the lamp to the projector. 4. Take out the lamp. Hold the lamp by the two tabs to lift it up and out from the projector. If the lamp is broken, replace it with a new lamp, or contact your local dealer for further advice. If replacing the lamp yourself, be careful to avoid pieces of broken glass. (Projection cannot be carried out until the lamp is replaced.) 5. Install the new lamp. Hold the lamp so that it faces the correct way to fit into the projector, and then insert the lamp and tighten the two lamp fixing screws. 6. Install the lamp cover. Slide the cover in from the outside, and then push it in until it clicks into place. After replacing the lamp you must reset the lamp timer by following these steps: 1. Connect the power cord, and then press the [Power] button on the projector's control panel or the remote control. 2. Press the [Menu] button on the remote control. The configuration menu displays. 3. Select Reset Lamp Timer from the About menu and then press the [Enter] button. 4. Select Yes and then press the [Enter] button. The lamp operating time is reset.
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