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How do you select the image source?

  • Selecting the image source lets you switch between images input from different pieces of equipment connected to the projector (such as a computer or DVD player), or turn on EasyMP (for wireless network or memory card presentations).

    If you don't see the image you want, make sure the correct source is selected, using either the Source button on the projector, or the Comp/EasyMP and S-Video/Video buttons on the remote control.

    The control panel and the remote control let you select the source as follows:
  • On the projector's control panel, the Source button switches between equipment connected to the Video, S-Video, and Computer/Component Video ports, or to EasyMP (for wireless network and memory card presentations).
  • On the remote control, the Comp/EasyMP button lets you switch to a directly connected computer; pressing it again switches to EasyMP. The S-Video/Video button switches to your connected video source (pressing it repeatedly switches between equipment connected to the Video and S-Video ports).

    If you want to project using component video, make sure your video equipment is properly connected to the Computer/Component Video port then follow these steps:

    1. First switch the source to Computer, using either the Source button on the projector or the Comp/EasyMP button on the remote control.

    2. Then change the Input Signal in the Video menu to the YCbCr or YPbPr Component Video setting.

    Pressing the Comp/EasyMP button on the remote control (or the Source button on the projector) then lets you switch to Component Video instead of Computer as the input signal.
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