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My remote control does not work. What should I do?

    The remote control has an on/off switch on its side. Push up on the on/off switch to turn it on. Turn off the remote control before transporting or storing it; this prevents the batteries from discharging if something presses against one of the buttons.

    Note: If a button is pressed longer than 60 seconds, the remote control stops operating to conserve power. When you release the button, normal operation resumes.

    The remote control lets you access your projector's features from anywhere in the room, up to 30 feet away and within range of the projector's front or back sensor (approximately 300 to left or right and 150 above or below). If you want to operate the projector from a greater distance, a remote control cable set is available as an optional accessory.

    You can operate the projector by remote control via a line-of-sight infrared (IR) receiver at the front and rear of the projector. The projector may not respond to remote control commands under the following conditions:
  • There is an object between the remote control IR emitter and the IR receiver on the projector.
  • Ambient light is too bright.
  • Certain types of fluorescent lighting are used.
  • A strong light source shines into the IR receiver.
  • Other equipment that emits infrared energy, such as a radiant room heater, is in the room. These conditions commonly cause problems for most infrared-controlled equipment.

    Try the following to resolve remote control problems:
  • The remote control's battery may be low on power; replace it.
  • Dim the ambient lighting and/or turn off any fluorescent lights.
  • Close any window coverings and/or move the projector out of direct sunlight.
  • Turn off other equipment that emits infrared energy.
  • Verify the remote control and projector ID settings.
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