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How do I replace the projection lamp and air filter?

    Follow these steps to replace the lamp and air filters:

    1. Turn off the projector.

    2. When the power light stops flashing, unplug the power cord.
    3. Let the projector cool for at least half an hour (if it has been on). The lamp is extremely hot immediately after use.

    Note: When you replace the lamp for your projector you should also replace the filters.

    Let the lamp cool fully before replacing it. In the unlikely event that the lamp has broken, small glass fragments may be present and should be removed carefully to avoid injury.

    4. Turn the projector over and remove the air filters at the side and bottom of the projector.

    5. Insert the two new air filters. They should click into place.

    6. Insert the screwdriver supplied with the spare lamp, or some other flat-tipped screwdriver, into the space beside the air vent. Gently slide the lamp cover off.

    7. Loosen the two screws holding the lamp in place (you don't need to remove them).

    8. Grasp the wire handle as shown and pull the lamp straight out.

    9. Gently insert the new lamp.

    10. Once the lamp is fully inserted, tighten its screws and replace the cover. (The projector won't come on if the lamp cover is loose.)

    11. Reset the lamp timer as described in the next section.

    Note: When you get a replacement lamp for your projector it is a good time to change the filter.
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