What are the different Color Modes on the Video menu used for?

  • The Color Mode setting adjusts the brightness, contrast, and color for various common viewing environments. Use this setting to quickly obtain a good picture. Choose the Color Mode in the Image menu or press the Color Mode button on the remote control to select:
    • Photo—For vivid, high-contrast still images in a bright room.
    • Sports—For vivid TV images projected in a bright room (video, S-video, or composite video only).
    • Presentation—For computer presentations (the default when projecting from a computer with analog video).
    • Theatre—For optimizing movie images with increased contrast.
    • Game—For increased brightness when playing video games or watching TV in a bright room. Emphasizes dark gradations.
    • sRGB—For matching the color palette of standard sRGB computer displays.
    • Blackboard—For projecting accurate colors on a green chalkboard (adjusts the white point).
    • Customized—For manual color adjustment.
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