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How do I present image or movie files from a USB drive or CompactFlash card?

  • Follow these steps to display images or play movies:
    1. Connect your external drive or insert your CompactFlash memory card. See Connecting to a Digital Camera or Other Device.
    2. Turn on the projector, if it is not already on.
    3. Select EasyMP as the source by pressing the EasyMP button on the remote control.

      If you have more than one card inserted in a multicard reader, use the  pointer button on the remote control to select the card you want to use and press Enter.
    4. If your files are in a folder, use the  pointer button on the remote control to select the folder and press Enter.

      If your files are not in a folder, skip to step 6.
    5. Select Open Folder. You see your image files when the folder opens.
    6. Position the cursor on the movie or image file you want to project and press Enter.
    7. Select View Image or Play Movie.

      If you selected an image, it is projected on the screen. If you want, you can press a side of the  pointer button to rotate the imagewhile you're viewing it.

      If you selected a movie, it begins playing. You can use the  pointer button to control playback, as indicated on the bottom of the screen.
    To stop viewing images, select Exit at the top of the screen and press Enter.

    Note: If you exit the PC Free mode on the projector, disconnect and re-connect your USB device before starting again.
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