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How do I set a password on my product?

  • Follow these steps to set a password or change an existing one:
    1. Press the Freeze button on the remote control for about five seconds.
    2. You see this screen:
    3. Use the pointer button to set Power On Protect to On. Then press Enter.
    4. Press Esc.
    5. Select Password and press Enter.
    6. When you see a message asking if you want to change the password, select Yes and press Enter.
    7. Hold down the Num button on the remote control and use the numeric keypad to enter a four digit password. (The default setting is 0000.)
    8. When you see a confirmation message, reenter the password. Then press the Menu button to exit the screen.
    9. To enable your screen logo, select User's Logo Protect and press Enter. Select On and press Enter.
    10. When this feature is on, the logo appears whenever you turn on the projector (if the Startup Screen is enabled in the Extended menu). It also appears when you press the A/V Mute button (if you selected the Logo for the A/V Mute setting under Display in the Extended menu). None of the User's Logo features in the Extended menu can be changed when the User's Logo Protect function is enabled.

      To enable network setting protection, select Network Protect and press Enter. Select On and press Enter.

      When this feature is on, none of the network settings on the Configuration menu can be changed.
    Caution: If you lose the remote control, you will not be able to enter the password. Keep the remote control in a safe place at all times. Also, it's a good idea to write down your password.
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