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Part of my image is blurry or out of focus. What should I do?

  • There are several things that can cause your image to be out of focus. Check the following:
    • Adjust the focus using the focus ring. See Focusing and Zooming the Image.
    • If the projector is angled sharply toward the screen, it may not be possible to focus the entire image. Move the projector to position it more directly in front of the screen.
    • Make sure the projector is placed on a flat surface.
    • There may be dirt or smears on the lens. See Cleaning the Lens.
    • Make sure the projector is within the proper range (2.0 to 25.7 feet) from the screen.
    • Make sure the input signal setting in the Signal menu matches the signal from the connected device. See Adjusting Signal Settings.
    • Make sure the lens is not fogged by condensation. If you've just moved the projector from a cold environment, wait a couple of minutes before using it.
    • Adjust the Sharpness setting on the Image menu. See Adjusting the Image.
    • If you're projecting from a computer and displaying an image that contains a lot of fine detail, you may notice vertical bands or some of the characters may look heavy or blurred. Press the Auto button on the remote control or the Enter button on the projector to reset the projector's Tracking, Sync and Position settings.

      If further adjustment is needed, you can fine-tune the Tracking and Sync settings manually using the Signal menu. See Adjusting Signal Settings.
      1. Fill the screen with an image containing fine detail, such as black text on a white background.
      2. Adjust the Tracking to eliminate vertical bands.
      3. Adjust the Sync setting to increase the image sharpness.

        Note: You must be projecting an image for this button to have any effect. The Auto button works only with computer images projected through the VGA port.
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