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The product's buttons don't work. What should I do?

  • The projector's lock settings may be enabled. The projector includes two lock settings to prevent the image from being accidentally changed once it's adjusted, and to keep children from turning on the projector without adult supervision.

    If the projector does not turn on, Child Lock may be enabled. To disable this setting, press the Menu button on the remote control. Then use the menu navigation buttons to open the Settings menu and turn off Child Lock. To turn on the projector without disabling Child Lock, press the  power button on the remote control or press and hold the  power button on the projector for 3 seconds.

    If the projector is turned on and the buttons don't work, Control Panel Lock may be enabled. To cancel Control Panel Lock, press and hold the Enter button on the projector's control panel for at least 7 seconds. To operate the projector without disabling Control Panel Lock, you must use the remote control. See Locking the Projector.
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