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When I convert a PowerPoint presentation to a JPG image with my product's PC Free Slideshow feature the slides do not display in the proper order. What should I do?

  • The Unicode order compare specification is used in the projector's PC Free feature because it is the fastest sort method and the processing speed is the priority. When Sort by Name (ascending) is used, the slides are kept numbered according to the characters from the start of the file name to the next character and so forth. As a result of this sort order, in the sample below, the file named Slide10.jpg, and Slide11.jpg, comes before Slide2.jpg.

    Files sorted by name (ascending)


    A solution is to rename the files by adding leading zeros to the file names (Slide001.jpg, Slide002.jpg, Slide003.jpg). Unicode sort will work the same whether there is a space (Slide 001.jpg) or not (Slide001.jpg).

    Note: If there are less than 100 slides, only 2 leading zeros are needed. If there are more than 100 slides, 3 leading zeros will be required to keep the proper sort order.
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