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The image is not rectangular. What should I do?

  • If the image looks like or , the projector has been placed off to one side of the screen, at an angle. Place it directly in front of the center of the screen, facing the screen squarely. See Adjusting the Height of Your Image.

    If the image looks like or , you need to adjust the keystone correction value. Turn on Auto Keystone as described in Customizing Projector Features or hold down the or buttons on top of the projector until the image is rectangular. After correction, your image will be slightly smaller.

    Note:You won't have to use the Keystone function to correct the image as long as you place the projector level (not angled up or down) and at a height between the top and bottom of the screen. This produces the best-looking picture. Keystone correction is not available in widescreen format.
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