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My pen doesn't work. It lags, skips, or does not write on the projected image. What should I do?

  • Try the following:
    • Recalibrate your pen.
    • If the cable cover is not attached, make sure the cables are not blocking the signal.
    • Make sure the pen batteries have enough power. If the light on the pen doesn't turn green when you press the button, you need to replace the batteries.
    • Dim the room lights and turn off any fluorescent lights. Make sure the projection surface and the pen receiver are not in direct sunlight or other sources of bright lighting.
    • Connect the USB cable directly from the computer to the projector, not through a hub. Make sure the USB cable is securely connected to the projector and computer. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the cable to your computer.
    • From your operating system's Display utility, select Settings > Advanced > Troubleshoot, and set Hardware acceleration to None.
    • Make sure the signal is set to Computer and not USB Display.
    • Update your computer's video driver.
    • If your interactive pen icon has an X
    • on it, try restarting the Easy Interactive Driver.
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