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I see the message No Signal. What should I do?

  • Try the following:
    • Make sure the equipment is turned on.
    • Make sure your cable(s) are connected correctly. See Viewing Video from External Devices.
    • Press the  button on the projector or the  button on the remote control to select the external video source. Allow a few seconds for the projector to sync up.
    • If you're using a PC notebook, hold down the Fn key on the keyboard and press the function key that lets you display on an external monitor. It may have an icon such as , or it may be labelled CRT/LCD. Allow a few seconds for the projector to sync up after pressing it. Check your notebook's manual or online help for details.

      On most systems, the key lets you toggle between the LCD screen and the projector, or display on both at the same time.

      If you connect the notebook while the projector or computer is already turned on, the function Fn key that changes the computer's image signal to external output may not work. Turn the computer and the projector off and then back on again.
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