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What are the different Color Modes used for?

  • The Color Mode setting optimizes the picture quality based on the lighting conditions in the room. To change the Color Mode, Do the following:
    1. Press . The currently selected color is displayed on the screen.
    2. Press repeatedly until the desired color mode appears. After a few seconds, the color mode name disappears and the picture quality changes.
    3. You can select from the following color modes:
      • Auto: Selects the best mode for your surroundings.
      • Dynamic: Use in rooms with bright light.
      • Presentation: Use for making color presentations in a bright room.
      • Theatre: Use in completely darkened rooms.
      • Blackboard: Use to project accurate colors on a green chalkboard (adjusts the white point).
    Note: Fan speed varies depending on the selected color modes. This is normal.
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