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The remote control does not work. What should I do?

  • Check the following:
    • Make sure the toggle switch is in the correct position: set to  Num to use the numeric buttons, or Func  to use the other functions of these buttons.
    • Make sure you're within 19 feet (6 meters) of the projector, and within range of its front or back sensor (approximately 30° left or right, and 15° above or below).
    • You may need to replace the remote control's batteries. Make sure they're inserted with the positive (+) and negative (-) ends positioned as shown in the battery compartment.
    • Some discs don't support all of the remote control's functions.
    • If you're using a “universal” remote control, it might not work with the projector. Epson does not support any third-party remote controls.
    • Excessive light (including sunlight) can affect the remote control function. Try turning off the light or closing the blinds if sunlight is coming in the room.
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