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How should I care for my product?

  • The projector is designed for use virtually anywhere at home. However, the projector and its accessories should not be exposed to water, smoke, direct heat or sunlight, or left outside for long periods of time. As with other electronic equipment, please avoid exposing the projector to moisture, dust, smoke, and other environmental factors that may result in damage to internal electronics over time. See the following for more information:
    • To prolong the projector's life, turn it off when not in use.
    • Clean the lens whenever you notice dirt or dust on the surface. To remove dirt or smears, use lens-cleaning paper. If necessary, moisten a soft cloth with lens cleaner and gently wipe the lens surface. Never rub the lens with abrasive materials.
    • If you need to clean the case, make sure you turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.
      • To remove dirt or dust, wipe the case with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.
      • To remove stubborn dirt or stains, moisten a soft cloth with water and a neutral detergent. Wring the cloth as dry as possible, then wipe the case.

        Caution: Never use wax, alcohol, benzene, thinner, or other chemical detergents. These can damage the case. Never spray cleaners directly on the projector.
    • Replace the lamp when:
      • The projected image gets darker or starts to deteriorate.
      • The lamp warning light flashes orange.

      • The message Replace the lamp appears on the screen when you start projecting.

        Caution: If you continue to use the lamp after you see the replacement indicators, the lamp is more likely to break.
    • Clean the air filter and air intake vent when dust builds up or when you see the message The projector is overheating. Make sure nothing is blocking the air vents, and clean or replace the air filter. Dust clogs prevent proper ventilation, which can cause overheating and damage the projector.
    • Follow these steps to clean and replace the air filter:
      1. Press the  button on the control panel or the  button on the remote control to turn the projector off. When you hear a short beep, disconnect the power cable.
      2. Use a small vacuum cleaner designed for computers and other office equipment to clean the filter, as shown.

        If you cannot clean the removable filter or it is broken, you need to replace it.

        You can purchase a new filter (part number V13H134A26) from an Epson authorized reseller. To find the nearest reseller, call 800-GO-EPSON (800-463-7766). Or you can purchase one online from the Epson Store.
      3. If you need to clean or replace the filter, lift up the handle, press up on the tab, and lift off the cover.
      4. Remove the old filter and install the new filter.
      5. Replace the cover.
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