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I can't play movies from my computer on my product. What should I do?

  • Check the following:
    • Make sure the file you're using is supported. The projector supports MPEG2, MPEG4 ASP, MPEG-4 AVC, WMV8, and WMV9 files. It does not support MPEG1 files. The audio format is MPEG1 Layer 1/2. Linear PCM and AC-3 audio cannot be played back.
    • If your MPEG2 movie stops playing, check the light on the projector's wireless module. If the light doesn't come on, turn off the projector and reinstall the module.
    • Note: Movie files included in a PowerPoint presentation can't be played back in a scenario.
    • If all computer programs display correctly through the projector except the video player software and a black box appears where the movie should appear and you're using a laptop, you can try turning off the video signal going to the built-in LCD screen and display only through the projector. Please consult your laptop's documentation for instructions on how to disable the internal LCD display.
    • Note: Most Windows applications and video cards do not support the playing of video files on two displays at the same time.
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