The image from my computer appears stretched when it's projected. What should I do?

  • Try the following:
    • If you are displaying from a computer using the Computer (Component Video) port on the projector, press the Aspect button on the remote control to select a different aspect (width to height) ratio (see Resizing Video Images) or select the correct Aspect setting from the Signal menu (see Adjusting Signal Settings).

      You cannot change the aspect ratio when displaying from a computer using the USB TypeB port or from a USB device using the USB source on the EX5200/EX7200.
    • Make sure your computer's resolution setting is correct. See Compatible Video Formats.
    • Check the projector's Resolution setting. See Adjusting Signal Settings. Set it to Auto to have the projector automatically identify the resolution of the input signal. If necessary, select Wide (for widescreen images) or Normal (for 4:3 ratio images).
    • You may need to modify existing presentation files if you created them for a different resolution. See your software documentation for specific information.
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