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How do I project video clips?

  • Follow these steps to project MPEG2 and WMV video clips:
    1. Click the Movie Sending Mode button on the EasyMP Network Projection toolbar.
    2. If you are connected to more than one projector, select the one you want to use for the video.
    3. Click the Select file button. Locate the MPEG2 or WMV video you want to project and click Open.
    4. Use the standard playback buttons on the screen to start, pause, rewind, and control other video functions.
    5. When you're finished projecting video, click the Close button on the screen.
    • The video will be projected on the screen, but will not appear on the host computer.
    • Only MPEG1-Layer2 audio is supported. The maximum supported MPEG2 video resolution is 720 480 NTSC or 720 756 PAL (without audio).
    • For best performance, advanced wireless mode 802.11g or 802.11a is recommended.
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