Support Projectors BrightLink Series Epson BrightLink 455Wi+

How can I improve the image quality?

  • Make sure you've selected the best Color Mode for your picture and viewing environment. See Selecting the Color Mode. Then use the Image menu to finish adjusting the picture. See Adjusting the Image.

    If this does not help, make sure the settings in the Signal menu are correct and optimized for your input source. See Adjusting Signal Settings.

    • For best results, your computer monitor or video card resolution should be set to display in the projector's native resolution.
    • If projecting from video equipment, connect your video equipment to the Computer1 or Computer2 port (for component or RGB video), if possible. If your equipment cannot connect to these ports, connect it to one of the following ports (highest quality listed first): S-Video or Video (for composite video).

      To use a component video connection, you'll need a component-to-VGA cable to connect to the projector's Computer1 or Computer2 port. You can purchase a component-to-VGA cable from the Epson Store.
    • Epson does not recommend using the projector's Keystone correction features (either the Keystone buttons on top of the projector or the Keystone setting in the Extended menu) to adjust your image. If the image is not rectangular, use the adjustment knobs on the setting plate (wall mount) instead to make your image more rectangular. See Adjusting the Image.
    • If the image is out of focus, adjust the image using the focus lever next to the air filter on the side of the projector. See Focusing the Image.
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