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What type of equipment can I connect to my product?

  • You can connect computers and video equipment that support composite video, S-Video, component video, RGB video, and USB connections. See Connecting to a Computer or Connecting to Video Equipment for details.

    To use a component video connection, you'll need a component-to-VGA cable to connect to the projector's Computer1 or Computer2 port. You can purchase a component-to-VGA cable from the Epson Store.

    You can connect the projector to a network using an Ethernet cable. If you have the optional wireless LAN module installed, you can also connect the projector to a wireless network or create a wireless (Ad Hoc) connection between the projector and a single computer/laptop with a wireless network card or adapter. See Using the Projector on a Network.

    You can play sound through the projector's speaker system or attach an external speaker system. You can also connect a microphone and output sound through the projector. See Playing Sound Through the Projector.

    For presentations or slide shows without a computer, you can connect USB devices (such as a USB thumb drive or hard drive) or an optional document camera. See Connecting a Document Camera or Other USB Device.
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