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How do I set up my product wirelessly?

  • First, you'll need to install the optional wireless LAN module which will enable the projector to communicate wirelessly with other devices. You can then connect the projector to a wireless network or create a wireless (Ad Hoc) connection between the projector and a single computer with a wireless network card or adapter. See Configuring a Wireless Connection.

    If you have the optional Quick Wireless Connection USB key, you can use it to reduce the set-up time (the key automatically configures the projector and your computer) normally needed to create an Ad Hoc connection between the projector and a computer (Windows only). See Using Quick Wireless Connection.

    After setting up a wireless connection between the projector and the computer, you can use the EasyMP Network Projection software to send images wirelessly.

    • The wireless LAN module must be installed to use the Quick Wireless Connection USB key.
    • Epson recommends using a VGA connection to project your computer's image when using the interactive pens. Using other types of connections to project your image, such as USB Display or a wireless connection, may cause your pens to not work properly (e.g., the pens may lag or skip).
    • A USB connection is required between the projector and your computer for the interactive pens to work. If the computer is located far from the projector, you may need to obtain additional hardware (such as a USB extender or a wireless USB adapter) to make the connection.
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