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What are the different Color Modes on the Image menu used for?

    The Color Mode adjusts the brightness, contrast, and color for various common viewing environments. Use this setting to quickly obtain a good picture. Press the Color Mode button on the remote control to select an option. Press it until the option you want is projected in the upper right corner.
    • Dynamic: Ideal for use in a bright room. This is the brightest mode.
    • Presentation: Ideal for making presentations using color materials in a bright room.
    • Theatre: Ideal for watching films in a dark room. Gives images a natural tone almost like an original source.
    • Photo*1: Ideal for projecting still pictures, such as photos, in a bright room. The images are vivid and brought into contrast.
    • Sports*2: Ideal for watching TV programs in a bright room. The images are vivid and brought to life.
    • sRGB: Ideal for images that conform to the sRGB color standard.
    • DICOM SIM*1: Ideal for projecting X-ray photographs and other medical images. This produces images with clear shadows.
    • Multi-Projection: Ideal for projecting from multiple projectors. Minimize the color tone difference between each projected image.
    *1 - This can be selected when inputting RGB signals, or when LAN is selected as the input source.
    *2 - This can be selected when inputting component video signals, S-Video signals, or composite video signals.
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