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How do I stack or restack my products?

  • You can restack the projectors after separating them and set them up for use together again.

    Note: This procedure requires you to turn each projector on and off individually. To avoid turning on both projectors accidentally, do not use the remote control during this process.

    1. Turn on one of the projectors using the power button on the control panel.
    2. Press the Menu button.
    3. Select the Extended menu and press Enter.
    4. Select the Operation setting and press Enter.
    5. Select the Stack Mode setting and press Enter.
    6. Do one of the following:
      • If you are using the commander projector, select Commander and press Enter. The commander projector has a 1 label on the bottom.
      • If you are using the receiver projector, select Receiver and press Enter. The receiver projector has a 2 label on the bottom.
    7. Press Menu or Esc to exit the menus.
    8. Turn off the projector using the power button on the control panel.
    9. Repeat these steps for the other projector.
    10. Reattach the stacking mounts to the projectors.

      Note: Match the numbers on the stacking mounts to the numbers on the projectors.

    11. See the Setup Guide to continue the stacking process.
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