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Can I use my products individually?

  • You can use either projector individually if necessary. You can leave them stacked together or remove them from their stacking mounts.

    Turning On and Using a Single Projector

    You can turn on one of the stacked projectors and leave the other projector turned off. You might need to do this if one projector's lamp is not functioning and you have not yet replaced it, for example.
    • To turn on only the commander projector, hold down the 1 button on the remote control and press the power button.
    • To turn on only the receiver projector, hold down the 2 button on the remote control and press the power button.

    When the projector is in this mode, it functions like a PowerLite W16 projector, but without the following PowerLite W16 features:

    • 3D
    • Projection from an external USB device
    • Automatic vertical and horizontal keystone correction
    • Screen Fit
    • Focus Help

    See the PowerLite W16 User's Guide for instructions when using the projector in this mode.

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