Support Projectors PowerLite Series Epson PowerLite Pro G6050W

How do I set up my product?

  • You can set up or install your projector in the following ways:



    Front ceiling

    Rear ceiling

    Note: Be sure to leave at least 20 inches (50 cm) of space in front of the air exhaust and intake vents and, when setting up multiple projectors, 20 inches (50 cm) of space between the projectors.

    If you mount the projector to the ceiling, it can be installed at the following angles:

    • Vertically: Any angle in a complete 360 degree circle.
    • Horizontally: Within the adjustment range of the rear adjustable feet.

    If you project from the ceiling or from the rear, be sure to select the correct Projection setting and if necessary, turn on the Inv Direction Button setting. If the projector is installed at an angle, be sure to select the Direction setting.

    Note: An incorrect Direction setting may shorten the lamp life.

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