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Part of my image is blurred or out of focus. What should I do?

  • Try the following solutions:

    • Make sure the Input Signal is set correctly for your video equipment. See Other Setup Options.
    • There may be dirt on the lens. You may need to clean the lens.
    • Adjust the focus.
    • Make sure the lens is not fogged by condensation. If you've just moved the projector from a cold environment, wait a couple of minutes before using it.
    • Adjust the Sharpness setting. See Sharpness and Picture Quality Settings.
    • If you're projecting from a computer, you may need to adjust the Tracking and Sync settings. See Adjustments for Computer Images.
    • If the projector is placed at an angle and is using keystone correction, try repositioning the projector so it is directly in front of the screen to minimize or eliminate using keystone correction.
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