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How do I setup WirelessHD connection?

  • You can use the included WirelessHD Transmitter to wirelessly stream HD content from a video device to the projector. Do the following:
    • Place the transmitter within range of the projector. See Placing the WirelessHD Transmitter.
    • Plug the AC adapter into the transmitter and an electrical outlet.
    • Connect HDMI cables to your video device and the HDMI ports on the side and back of the WirelessHD Transmitter.

      Note: You can connect up to five input sources to the transmitter.
    • Turn on the power switch on the back of the transmitter.
    • Turn on your source device and begin playback.
    • Turn on the projector.
    • Press the WirelessHD button on the projector remote control.
    • The projector should now display content from your video device. If the WirelessHD connection fails, press the setup button on the bottom of the transmitter, then try again.
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