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How do I connect a video device to the WirelessHD transmitter?

  • Do the following:
    • Connect HDMI cables to your video devices and the HDMI ports on the side and back of the WirelessHD transmitter.
    • Connect the WirelessHD transmitter's AC adapter to an electrical outlet and the connector on the WirelessHD transmitter.
    • Turn on the power switch on the side of the WirelessHD transmitter.
    • Turn on your source device and begin playback.
    • Turn on the projector.
    • Change the projector's image source to the WirelessHD input by pressing the WirelessHD button on the remote control or the Source button on the projector's control panel.
    • The WiHD light on the transmitter should light up and your projector should now display WirelessHD content.
    Turn off the WirelessHD transmitter if it is not being used for extended periods.
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