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How do I use the Picture-in-Picture feature?

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    Using Picture in Picture

    You can use Picture in Picture mode to view two image sources simultaneously.

    Note: You can display only HDMI video sources when Picture in Picture mode is active.

    1. Turn on the projector and switch to the HDMI image source you want to use.
    2. Press the P-in-P button on the remote control.

      The second HDMI video source appears as a sub-screen in the corner of the image.

      Note: While Picture in Picture mode is active, press the Menu button on the remote control to adjust the size and position of the sub-screen.

    3. To swap the main screen and sub-screen video sources, press and hold the P-in-P button for at least three seconds.
    4. Press the P-in-P button again to close the sub-screen and resume normal projection.
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