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The pen position is not accurate. What should I do?

  • If the pen position is not the same as the mouse pointer, try the following solutions:

    • If you mounted the projector using a wall mount and used keystone or other digital correction settings to adjust the image, return the settings to their factory defaults. Instead, use the adjustment dials on the wall mount to adjust the image shape; do not use any digital correction. Then focus the image and recalibrate.
    • If you use the E-Zoom + button on the remote control to enlarge the image, the pen position is not accurate. When you return the image to the original size, the position should be correct.
    • Select Reset All from the Reset menu to restore the projector settings to their default values.
    • Try changing the computer's resolution to 1280 × 800.
    • If you connected your projector through a video scaler, make sure the video scaler output resolution setting matches your projector's native resolution.
    • Try adjusting the image shape using the adjustment dials on the projector mount, if you are using one.
    • Focus the image to sharpen it.
    • Make sure you have calibrated the system. Try manual calibration.
    • Make sure the cable cover is in place to keep cables from blocking the signal.
    • Try adjusting the pen operation area.
    • In PC Interactive mode (in the Extended > Advanced menu), turn off the Auto Adjust Pen Area setting and select the Manual Adj. Pen Area setting. (USB cable required.)
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