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How do I connect a video device to the WirelessHD transmitter?

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    Connecting the WirelessHD Transmitter

    You can connect up to four HDMI input sources and one HDMI output source to your WirelessHD transmitter.
    1. Plug the AC adapter into the AC input port on the WirelessHD transmitter and into an electrical outlet.

    2. Connect HDMI cables to your video devices and to the HDMI input ports on the side and back of the WirelessHD transmitter.

      Note: You can connect an MHL-compatible smartphone or tablet to the HDMI4 port on the WirelessHD Transmitter.

    3. To use the WirelessHD transmitter as a pass-through device to a television or other display, connect an HDMI cable to the display device and to the HDMI Out port on the back of the transmitter.

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