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How long should the projection lamp last in normal operation?

  • See below.

    Lamp Life

    • Normal Power Consumption mode:

      Up to about 5000 hours

    • ECO Power Consumption mode:

      Up to about 10000 hours

    To prolong the life of the lamp, you can do the following:

    • Set the projector's Power Consumption setting to ECO.
    • Turn on the projector's Sleep Mode setting.
    • Turn off the projector when not in use.
    • Make sure the projector is operated within the environmental requirement of 41 to 95 ºF (5 to 35 ºC) at up to 7500 feet (2286 m) or 41 to 86 ºF (5 to 30 ºC) from 7500 feet (2286 m) to 9843 feet (3000 m) and stored within the environmental requirement of 14 to 140 ºF (–10 to 60 ºC).

      Note: If operating the projector above 4921 feet (1500 m), turn on High Altitude Mode in the Extended menu to ensure the projector's internal temperature is regulated properly.

    • Lower the projector's Brightness setting.
    • Clean the air filter if dust collects on the filter or exhaust vent.
    • When you replace the lamp, make sure you don't touch the lamp with your bare hands. The invisible residue left by the oils on your hands may shorten the lamp life. Use a cloth or a glove to handle the lamp.
    • When you don't need to display the image for 30 minutes or less, press the A/V Mute button on the remote control or close the A/V Mute slide. Otherwise, turn off the projector.

    Note: Lamp life will vary depending upon the power consumption mode selected, environmental conditions, and usage. Lamp brightness decreases over time.

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