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How far can my product be placed from the screen?

  • See the table below.

    Model Projection Distance (in native aspect ratio)
    EX3240/VS240 34.6 to 411 inches (0.88 to 10.44 m)
    EX5240/EX7240 Pro/VS340/VS345 35.4 to 425.2 inches (0.9 to 10.8 m)
    EX9200 Pro 34.3 to 432.3 inches (0.87 to 10.98 m)
    EX5250 Pro 33.1 to 410.2 inches (0.84 to 10.42 m)

    You can calculate an image size or the projector distance using the Projector Distance Calculator.

    A Projector Distance Calculator is available to help calculate the image size or projection distance for your projector.
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