How do I change the image source?

  • If you connected multiple image sources to the projector, such as a computer and DVD player, you may want to switch from one image source to the other.

    Note: If you turned on the Auto Source Search setting in the Extended menu, the projector automatically switches to another detected image source if the signal to the current image source is lost.

    1. Make sure the connected image source you want to use is turned on.
    2. For video image sources, insert a DVD or other video media and press its play button, if necessary.
    3. Do one of the following:
      • Press the Source Search button on the projector or remote control until you see the image from the source you want.

      • Press the button for the source you want on the remote control.

        1 Computer port sources
        2 Video, HDMI, and MHL (Pro EX7260/Pro EX9210/Pro EX9220) sources
        3 USB port sources (computer display and external devices)
        4 Network source (LAN and Screen Mirroring [Pro EX9220])
      • Press the Home button on the remote control or projector and select your image source.

        Note: Your Home screen may look different from the illustration shown here.

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