How do I project two images simultaneously?

  • You can use the split screen feature to simultaneously project two images from different image sources next to each other (Pro EX7260/Pro EX9210/Pro EX9220/VS355). You can control the split screen feature using the remote control or the projector menus.

    Note: You cannot use split screen with certain input source combinations.

    1. Press the Split button on the remote control.

      The currently selected input source moves to the left side of the screen.
    2. Press the Menu button. You see this screen:

    3. To select an input source for the other image, select the Source setting, press Enter, select the input source, select Execute, and press Enter. (You can also change image sources, if necessary.)
    4. To switch the images, select the Swap Screens setting and press Enter.
    5. To change the image sizes, select the Screen Size setting, press Enter, select a sizing option, press Enter, and press Menu to exit.

      Note: Depending on the video input signals, the images may not appear at the same size even if you choose the Equal setting.

    6. To choose the audio you want to hear, select the Audio Source setting, press Enter, select an audio option, press Enter, and press Menu to exit.
    7. To exit the split screen feature, press the Split or Esc button.
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