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The WirelessHD transmitter will no longer connect to my projector. What should I do?

  • Use an HDMI cable to establish the wireless connection between the WirelessHD transmitter and the projector. Do the following:

    1. Turn on the projector, wait for the status light to stop blinking, and then press the WirelessHD button on the remote control.
    2. If it is on, turn off the WirelessHD transmitter.
    3. Connect an HDMI cable from the projector's HDMI1 port to the WirelessHD transmitter's HDMI Out port.

      Note: You can leave your video devices connected to the transmitter's other ports.

    4. Press and hold the Input and Output buttons on the WirelessHD transmitter. While holding the buttons, turn on the transmitter with the power switch.
    5. Continue to hold the Input and Output buttons for 15 seconds and then release them. Lights 1, 2, and 3 on the transmitter turn on sequentially. Within 30 seconds, the Link light starts to flash, lights 1 through 4 are lit, and the projector displays a color bar pattern.

      Note: If lights 1 through 4 are not lit or the projector does not display a color bar pattern on the projection screen, repeat steps 4 and 5.

    6. Turn off the WirelessHD transmitter again.
    7. Remove the HDMI cable from the WirelessHD transmitter and projector.
    8. Turn on the WirelessHD transmitter. Your input source displays on the projection screen.

      Note: If your image does not display, make sure the input source you want is selected. Press the Input button on the transmitter or the remote control until your input source is displayed.

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