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The image appears stretched when I project from my computer. What should I do?

  • Try the following:

    • Press the Aspect button on the remote control to change the image aspect ratio.
    • If you are using a VGA connection, set the projector's Auto Setup setting to On so the projector automatically optimizes the computer image quality.
    • Check your computer's display settings, disable dual display so that your image displays through the projector only, and set the resolution within the projector's limit. (See your computer manual for details.)
    • Check the resolution assigned to your presentation files to see if they are created for a different resolution than you are projecting. (See your software help for details.)
    • Match the projector's native aspect ratio. Select the following resolution ratio:

      16:9 (BrightLink EB-735Fi)

      16:10 (BrightLink EB-725Wi)

    • If you are using a video pass-through device to send your input signal to the projector, make sure the device is set to the same resolution as the projector.
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