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My pen or finger touch operation will not interact with my computer. What should I do?

  • Try the following:

    • Make sure a USB cable is connected from your computer's USB type A port to the projector's USB-B1 port.
    • Depending on which HDMI port and USB-B port you connect to on the projector, you may need to configure the port so the setting for the HDMI input matches the USB-B input. Go to Pen & Touch > PC Interactivity > USB-B2 to configure the port. See the options below.
      Setting Options
      USB-B2 HDMI 1
      HDMI 2
      HDMI 3
      • To use USB-B1 for interactivity on all HDMI ports, set the USB-B2 option to "Off."
      • To use USB-B2 for interactivity, set the USB-B2 option to the desired HDMI 1, 2 or 3 port.
    • If you need interactivity on a second computer, connect the USB port to the projector's USB-B2 port and one of the HDMI ports, then configure the USB-B2 setting match to the HDMI port. (The first PC can use USB-B1 for interactivity.)
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