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Which user replaceable parts or accessories are available for my product?

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    Optional Equipment and Replacement Parts

    You can purchase screens, other optional accessories, and replacement parts from an Epson authorized reseller. To find the nearest reseller, call 800-GO-EPSON (800-463-7766) in the U.S. or 800-807-7766 in Canada. Or you can purchase online at (U.S. sales) or (Canadian sales).

    Epson offers the following optional accessories and replacement parts for your projector:

    Option or part Part number
    Air filter (ELPAF51) V13H134A51
    Wireless LAN module (ELPAP10) V12H731P02
    HDBaseT Transmitter (ELPHD01) V12H547020
    Replacement remote control 158279900
    Remote control cable set (ELPKC28) V12H005C28
    Passive 3D glasses for adults (ELPGS02A; Pro L1490U/L1490UNL/L1495U/L1495UNL/L1500UH/L1500UHNL/L1505UH/L1505UHNL only) V12H541A20
    Passive 3D glasses for children (ELPGS02B; Pro L1490U/L1490UNL/L1495U/L1495UNL/L1500UH/L1500UHNL/L1505UH/L1505UHNL only) V12H541B20
    Passive 3D Polarizer (ELPPL01; Pro L1490U/L1490UNL/L1495U/L1495UNL/L1500UH/L1500UHNL/L1505UH/L1505UHNL only) V12H618A01
    Low ceiling mount (ELPMB47) V12H802010
    High ceiling mount (ELPMB48) V12H803010
    Ultra short throw zoom lens (ELPLX02) V12H004X02
    Short-throw #1 zoom lens (ELPLU03) V12H004U03
    Short-throw #2 zoom lens (ELPLU04) V12H004U04
    Wide-throw #1 zoom lens (ELPLW05) V12H004W05
    Wide-throw #2 zoom lens (ELPLW06) V12H004W06
    Middle-throw #2 zoom lens (ELPLM15; standard zoom lens) V12H004M0F
    Middle-throw #3 zoom lens (ELPLM10) V12H004M0A
    Middle-throw #4 zoom lens (ELPLM11) V12H004M0B
    Long-throw zoom lens (ELPLL08) V12H004L08

    Note: The following older lenses are also supported: ELPLU02, ELPLR04, ELPLW04, ELPLS04, ELPLM06, ELPLM07, ELPLL07.

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