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The image is too dark or light, or the colors are incorrect. What should I do?

  • If the projected image is too dark or light, or the colors are incorrect, try the following solutions:

    • Press the Color Mode button on the remote control to try different color modes for the image and environment.
    • Check your video source settings.
    • Adjust the available settings on the Image menu for the current input source, such as Brightness, Contrast, Tint, Color Saturation, and RGBCMY.
    • Make sure you selected the correct Signal Format or EDID setting in the Signal I/O menu, if available for your video source.
    • Make sure all the cables are securely connected to the projector and your video device. If you connected long cables, try connecting shorter cables.
    • Position the projector close enough to the screen.
    • Make sure you have run the Light Source Calibration in the Management menu recently. If using multiple projectors, perform the calibration on all projectors to ensure a consistent image quality.
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